Premix Burner Tunnel Ovens

The tunnel oven provides quality baking fortortilla, pita and many lavash types. It is easy to use and has low fuel.

Detailed Review

-Air-gas is a premixed system.
-Eco-sensitive, waste gas level is at world standards
-The efficiency is high because it is fully burned
-Modulated (proportional) combustion results in high efficiency and heat quality is balanced.
-The product design shrinks because the small area can get big heat.
– Heat can be directed at every geometric angle needed.

This oven work with full PLC control for all bread types.Tunnel oven has 3-zone temperature adjustment and conveyor speed settings, as well as custom programmed setting options for each type of bread.It is useful for many types of bread as well as well-known dishes such as tortilla and pita.It can be produced in the desired width and length. It is produced with 90% full stainless steel chassis. In addition, it can be made with iron chassis according to the budget.

This tunnel oven can work with natural gas or LPG./p>

Some Tunnel Oven Types

Tortilla Tunnel Ovens

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Loaf Bread Tunnel Ovens

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Biscuit Tunnel Ovens

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