Infrared Tunnel Ovens

Infrared ovens are mostly used for need direct flame of bread types.In addition, Infrared ovens are ideal for pizza, lahmacun, biscuits and all other pastries.

Detailed Review

Increases the conveyor speed and the productivity at least with 30%
Provides fuel saving in the medium and long term period in comparison with conventional gas source ovens
The ovens are CE certificated and conforms to the European Norms.Energy source is available as 2 types – using catalytic gas panels or with electrical heaters. In both system gas or electrical, the oven is designed by dividing the heating elements equally in order to achieve the best heat transfer to the passing work pieces through the oven. The oven body is made of an insulated full stanlies steel panels.

The insulation is different in the infrared oven compared to convection ovens.

In infrared ovens the reflection plays a role, and the combination of polished stainless steel, the geometry and traditional insulation all give a good heating economy.

In connection with our intelligent PLC controls and sensors, we can offer to make the infrared oven in sections, allowing us to use only the part of the oven where the product will be. This option is mostly used with electrical heating, as it will react almost instantly.

Some Tunnel Oven Types

Tortilla Tunnel Ovens

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Loaf Bread Tunnel Ovens

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Biscuit Tunnel Ovens

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