Direct Heated Tunnel Ovens.

Direct heated tunnel ovens use the burners placed directly in the baking tunnel for reaching required temperature

Detailed Review

Part of the burners is placed directly above the product and the part of the burners are placed under the band. Burners are of lower power in order than the burners used in cyclotherm or convection baking band ovens. Naturally, their number is several times higher. With more burners you can in more detail set up the temperature curve according to the technology requirements and thus keep the continuous quality of the products.

Direct heating burners make use of only one air fan that is placed close to the oven. Air is then distributed by the central piping into the zones and individual burners. Due to the fact that combustion happens in the baking tunnel, it is necessary to equip the baking oven with the forced exhausts that secure the safety exhaust of the combustion products beyond the bakeshop.

İn comparison with cyclotherm or convection baking band ovens, the construction of the direct heating oven enables to install this oven to the space with lower height and smaller width.

Some Tunnel Oven Types

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